Key Features Of The Courses

  • Agency Expertise:
    The training aims to equip candidates with skills and knowledge similar to that of a digital marketing agency, preparing them for a successful career in the field.
  • Credibility and Success:
    The course claims to have a track record of successful candidates who have secured jobs after completing the training. This credibility is supported by candidate videos, online reviews, and a portfolio showcasing the agency's achievements.
  • Opportunities for a Secure Career:
    The course emphasizes that it not only delivers success to clients but also creates opportunities and builds candidates' skills for a secure and rewarding career in digital marketing.
  • Assured Placement:
    The course guarantees placement opportunities for candidates upon successful completion of the training.
  • Hands-on On-Job Training:
    The training is designed to provide real-time practical experience on digital marketing projects, allowing candidates to work with actual clients and their projects.
  • Working Professionals as Trainers:
    The training is conducted by working professionals in the digital marketing industry, providing candidates with insights and expertise from experienced practitioners.
  • Full-Time Commitment:
    The candidates are required to work on the projects full-time, from morning to evening, to implement the strategies explained and assigned during the course.
  • Full-Time Commitment:
    The candidates are required to work on the projects full-time, from morning to evening, to implement the strategies explained and assigned during the course.

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Kandra Digital provides flexible timings for their students


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Years Experience

Most recognised mentors at your reach


Marketing Director @ KandraDigital


Manjunath Teaches you in-depth SEO and Paid Marketing strategies at the desk! Guiding you through every step of your career in Digital Marketing.

Manjunath is the co-founder and director of KandraDigital. Manjunath comes with immense experience in Digital Marketing and has delivered the best strategies and consulting services to many startups. Manjunath is well known for his quality digital marketing services in the network and is the most preferred and go-to person for anything related to Digital Marketing.

  • He has around 12 Years of experience in Digital Marketing
  • He can build websites and can teach you on the same
  • He can mentor you from all perspectives
  • He comes with a deep understanding of digital marketing
  • He is contributing his skills back to the industry

Explicit & Advanced Courses In Digital Marketing

Our Process



  • Get a 1 year experience certificate
  • Avail pay slips
  • Attend intreviews as a 1 year experienced professional
  • Kickstart your job with a higher salary


  • Profile building
  • Interview scheduling
  • Accept offer


  • Engage us for upto 5 hours consultation / Guiding on execution
  • Get access to execute projects the agency way
  • Seek help or suggestions in building your digital portfolio
  • Opt for services upto 25% discount for the next 60 days


Chat GPT in Digital Marketing Training Syllabus

  • Understanding the Role of Chat GPT in Digital Marketing
  • Overview of Natural Language Processing (NLP) and AI in Chatbots
  • Benefits and Applications of Chat GPT in Digital Marketing
  • Ethical Considerations in Chat GPT Usage

  • Exploring the Chat GPT Architecture and Technology
  • Understanding Chat GPT Training and Fine-tuning
  • Introduction to OpenAI's GPT Models
  • Chat GPT vs. Rule-Based Chatbots

  • Leveraging Chat GPT for Automated Customer Support
  • Designing Conversational Flows and Dialogue Management
  • Integrating Chat GPT with Help Centers and Knowledge Bases
  • Handling Complex Customer Queries with Chat GPT

  • Utilizing Chat GPT for Lead Qualification
  • Personalizing Conversations with Prospects
  • Designing Chat GPT CTAs for Lead Conversion
  • A/B Testing and Optimization for Lead Generation

  • Integrating Chat GPT with Social Media Platforms
  • Automating Social Media Engagement with Chatbots
  • Running Contests and Campaigns with Chat GPT
  • Measuring Social Media ROI with Chat GPT

  • Implementing Chat GPT for Personalized Customer Experiences
  • Utilizing Chat GPT for Product Recommendations
  • Behavioral Targeting and Customized Offers with Chat GPT
  • Leveraging Chat GPT for Upselling and Cross-selling

  • Using Chat GPT in Automated Email Responses
  • Personalizing Email Communication with Chatbots
  • Automating Email Segmentation and Campaigns
  • Analyzing Email Engagement with Chat GPT

  • Automating Content Creation with Chat GPT
  • Designing Interactive Content Experiences with Chatbots
  • Utilizing Chat GPT for Content Recommendations
  • Chat GPT and Storytelling in Content Marketing

  • Conducting Surveys and Market Research with Chatbots
  • Collecting Customer Feedback and Sentiment Analysis
  • Implementing Chat GPT for User Behavior Insights
  • Using Chat GPT in Voice of Customer (VoC) Analysis

  • Enhancing E-commerce Customer Support with Chat GPT
  • Implementing Chat GPT for Product Recommendations
  • Running Chat GPT-driven Sales Promotions
  • Chat GPT and Cart Abandonment Recovery

  • Designing Onboarding Experiences with Chat GPT
  • Automating User Training and FAQs with Chatbots
  • Leveraging Chat GPT for Customer Education
  • Measuring User Onboarding Success with Chat GPT

  • Emerging Trends in Chat GPT and Digital Marketing
  • Advancements in NLP and AI for Chatbots
  • Preparing for Future Chat GPT Challenges

  • Practical trainings
  • In-Depth knowledge transfer from the agency’s domain experts
  • Project allocation and guidance by the experts at the desk
  • Practice test
  • Mock interviews
  • Internship Certificate
  • Experience certificate
  • 100+ Hiring Partners
    • Google Display
    • Analytics
    • Meta
    • Ads
    • Hubspot
    • LinkedIn Learning Marketing Courses

Digital Marketing Domain Stats


Career Opportunities:

Companies Hiring:

Highest Salary:

Placements Section

Companies Hiring
"We are happy to hire to KandraDigital candidates as they come with deep expertise working on the projects and are definitely the most suitable for the requirements we have. We have hired 4 candidates and are very happy with the performance of all four; each has their own skill sets and interest in the various marketing channels. I recommend KandraDigital."
Shilpi Tiwari
HR. TVS Motor Company
Digital Marketing Salaries
  • The below-mentioned salaries are as per the industry standards and we have come across the same slabs in the companies we have/are worked or were associated with.
  • There are many companies that don’t even understand the power of digital marketing and they always end up hiring low-profile people who just would have taken certificates from the training institutes with very minimal hands-on experience.
Digital Marketing Professional's Salaries
Experience In YearsSalary min/month rs.Salary max/month rs.Annual salary rs.
0-1Rs.15000Rs.40000Rs. 1.8lac- 4.8 lac
1-2Rs.35000Rs.50000Rs. 4.2lac- 6lac
2-3Rs.50000Rs.70000 Rs. 6lac- 8.6lac
3-4Rs.70000Rs.100000Rs. 8.6lac- 12lac
4-5Rs.100000Rs.150000Rs. 12lac- 18lac
5-10Rs.150000Rs.300000 Rs. 18lac- 36lac
Career Path
Kandra Digital Vs Other Digital Marketing Training Institute

We know it takes decades to master something great if someone has to invest just one hour a day and the rest of the day do something else, hence we do a rigorous training program where the individual will be taught and built from multiple perspectives not just Digital Marketing in just 6 months of time.
We believe the mind and soul have to constantly work every day if they are aiming to master the domain and lead the mediocre world, we aim at building the leader, not the slaves!

Key ConsiderationsOther InstitutesKandraDigital Institute
PlacementJust AssistancePlacement is assured
LearningNo Exposure to real-time projects, they create dummy profiles/accounts and call it practical.On Real projects full time. No Dummy projects and accounts
Ads BudgetAsk you to spend on your own. Or give an ad credit of Rs 500 . Work on several lakhs budget. Realtime actual campaigns of real projects throughout your learning period.
Teachersare Just trainers who possess theoretical knowledge and limited work knowledge. Or just give the theory.Working Experts who have several years of experience are always along with you guiding and leading you in everything you do.
Training ModeTreated as kids, and thought on the projector or board. Many others ask you to work on Dummy profiles for an hour while you are at their institute.At the desk, real work culture exposure Building the real working professional. We make you think day and night of the skills you work on, we make you fall in love with Digital Marketing Skills.
DurationJust an Hour a Day from one month to 3 months usually and in case of some institutes its 6 months, just an hour a day.
  • You are on Job Already.
  • You learn several hours a day continuously for 6-12 months.
For Whom/Suitability
  • For Working professionals
  • Learning it as a hobby
  • Learning to earn from home as a freelancer
  • For someone who has no idea about KandraDigital program
  • Serious career Builders/Job seekers
  • Someone serious about learning the right digital marketing skills
  • For people struggling to get a job
  • For whom time is precious
Job GuaranteeJust is assisted by many institutes in resume building or letting you know about openings. A few assure you after the training and later blame you for not being able to clear the interview, a lot of conditions come in later. You are placed and trained. You need not worry at all about your job throughout your career.
Expertise Level
  • You will start attending interviews after training completion. If you are lucky you might get a chance to attend 1 or 2 interviews, otherwise, you continue to struggle for the job.
  • You are just a student/participant and have yet to start your career.
Proud and confident Digital Market by the time you finish the program.
ProfessionalismStudent and yet to turn into a professional after starting in a role with the organization once you get placed. You are a professional from day one
OpportunityYou are just an under skilled trainee from the institute, you might be considered only if you are exceptionally good to grab their attention and clear the interview. You are the first preference for companies as you have real-time work experience and you are considered an employee to hire.
What do you get by end of the program?Free certificates from the respective platforms like Google, Facebook, Hubspot, etc. Without knowledge, just certificates are of no value and the world knows it. You don’t need to pay any institute to get these, you can get them on your own by signing up on your respective platforms and taking tests there. Salary slips, Experience Certificate, and relieving letter
CurriculumAge is an old and outdated set of practices thought regardless of the real-time need of the market.Literally, everything that's released in the market and necessary including the algorithm updates, the new norms, new platforms, the new changes, etc
Toolsare Just a temporary subscription to tools and data. Mostly free tools and subscriptionsYou use all the tools an agency uses to execute digital marketing to its full potential. Tools will be accessible 24/7/complete training duration.

Watch this video if you are serious about your Digital Marketing Career!


Don't miss it! Watch until the end to make wise decisions.

  • The video explains the most common mistakes that everybody is doing and struggling to get a job.
  • The video also explains the best learning approach you should opt for if you are serious about your career.

Corporate Trainings

KandraDigital - we possess rich experience in mentoring teams at the enterprise level and building strategies as per the business needs and at the phase the execution is to happen.

  • You will be provided access to all the proven strategies and mentors' time daily, the guidance on the execution
  • You will get access to the most effective and unique templates along with the working process
  • Free access to Reports, Master sheets and competitor analysis strategies
  • We hand-hold executions at the desk
  • In-depth training on modules
  • Access to case studies and proven strategies
Companies For which delivered

Frequently Asked Questions

Chat-GPT in Digital Marketing refers to the application of chatbot technology powered by the GPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) model in the field of digital marketing. It involves leveraging chatbots to enhance customer interactions, automate marketing processes, and provide personalised experiences across various digital marketing channels.

Chat-GPT in Digital Marketing offers several benefits to digital marketers. It allows them to automate customer interactions, provide instant responses to queries, improve customer engagement, and enhance overall user experience. Chat-GPT can also assist in lead generation, data collection, customer segmentation, and personalised marketing campaigns.

Implementing Chat-GPT in Digital Marketing requires a blend of technical and marketing skills. Digital marketers should have a strong understanding of chatbot technology, natural language processing (NLP), conversational design, and customer journey mapping. They should also possess marketing expertise to align chatbot interactions with overall marketing strategies and goals.

Yes, Chat-GPT can be integrated with existing digital marketing platforms. It can seamlessly integrate with websites, mobile apps, social media platforms, and messaging apps. By connecting Chat-GPT with customer relationship management (CRM) systems and marketing automation tools, digital marketers can harness its full potential in their marketing campaigns.

Chat-GPT can be used in various ways within digital marketing campaigns. It can handle customer inquiries, provide personalised recommendations, assist in product or service selection, deliver targeted content, and even conduct interactive surveys or quizzes. It helps in improving customer engagement, lead nurturing, and overall conversion rates.

While programming knowledge can be advantageous, it is not always mandatory to implement Chat-GPT in Digital Marketing. There are user-friendly chatbot platforms and tools available that allow marketers to create and deploy chatbots without extensive coding skills. However, having a basic understanding of programming concepts can help customise and optimise chatbot functionalities.

Chat-GPT, like any technology, has certain limitations. It relies on pre-existing data and may struggle with handling unfamiliar or complex inquiries. It is important to monitor and train the chatbot regularly to improve its responses and accuracy. Additionally, Chat-GPT may not be suitable for highly sensitive or confidential interactions where human intervention is necessary.

Yes, Chat-GPT has the potential to improve customer satisfaction and retention. By providing prompt responses, personalised experiences, and round-the-clock support, Chat-GPT enhances the overall customer journey. It can assist customers at different stages, from initial inquiries to post-purchase support, leading to increased satisfaction and improved customer loyalty.

To get started with Chat-GPT in Digital Marketing, you can explore chatbot platforms that offer integration with your preferred digital marketing channels. You can also consult with chatbot experts or digital marketing agencies that specialise in implementing conversational AI solutions. They can guide you through the process of developing, deploying, and optimising Chat-GPT for your marketing campaigns.

Yes, there are training programs and resources available that specifically focus on using Chat-GPT in Digital Marketing. These programs cover various aspects, including chatbot development, conversational design, integration with marketing platforms, and best practices for implementing Chat-GPT in Digital marketing strategies.

Chat-GPT in Digital Marketing Training

Welcome to our cutting-edge Digital Marketing Training where we incorporate the power of Chat-GPT into the curriculum. As the world of digital marketing evolves, so does the need for advanced tools and technologies. With Chat-GPT at the forefront of innovation, we ensure our students gain a competitive edge in the industry.

Our Digital Marketing Training is designed to equip you with the latest trends and techniques, along with the unique advantage of integrating Chat-GPT into your strategies. Learn from industry experts who have hands-on experience in leveraging Chat-GPT for successful campaigns.

Chat-GPT in Digital Marketing Agency

As a forward-thinking Digital Marketing Agency, we take pride in staying ahead of the curve by embracing cutting-edge technologies like Chat-GPT. Our team of digital marketers and AI specialists collaborate seamlessly to create data-driven, high-converting campaigns that harness the potential of Chat-GPT.

With Chat-GPT's natural language processing capabilities, we craft compelling content, interactive chatbots, and personalized customer experiences like never before. By leveraging the power of Chat-GPT, our agency drives increased engagement, conversions, and ROI for our clients.

Chat-GPT in Digital Marketing Company

At our Digital Marketing Company, we're committed to driving measurable results for our clients by harnessing the power of Chat-GPT. As an industry-leading provider, we integrate Chat-GPT into various aspects of our digital marketing strategies to ensure unparalleled performance.

Whether it's enhancing SEO with intelligent content, crafting persuasive ad copies, or engaging users through interactive chatbots, Chat-GPT plays a crucial role in elevating our clients' online presence. Partner with us to experience the transformative impact of Chat-GPT in your marketing efforts.

Chat-GPT in Digital Marketing Certification

Obtain your Digital Marketing Certification with a special focus on Chat-GPT integration. Our comprehensive certification program is designed to equip marketers with the skills and knowledge to leverage Chat-GPT effectively in their campaigns.

Gain hands-on experience in implementing Chat-GPT for content creation, customer engagement, and lead generation. Our certification ensures that you're at the forefront of digital marketing innovations, ready to unlock new possibilities for your career or business.

Chat-GPT in Digital Marketing Course

Our Digital Marketing Course with Chat-GPT integration empowers you to navigate the dynamic landscape of the digital world with confidence. Through this course, you'll discover how Chat-GPT can revolutionize content creation, social media management, and customer interactions.

Stay ahead of the competition and learn from seasoned experts who have mastered the art of applying Chat-GPT in diverse marketing scenarios. Embrace the future of digital marketing and enroll in our course to explore the endless possibilities Chat-GPT has to offer.

Incorporating Chat-GPT into your digital marketing endeavors opens up a world of opportunities, and we're here to guide you every step of the way. Embrace innovation, stay ahead, and unlock unparalleled success with Chat-GPT in Digital Marketing.